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4th Of July Tablecloth - Best Quality In May 2022

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Julie Powell By, Julie Powell
  • Waterproof&Tear Resistant&Fade Resistant:Our durable tablecloth is composed of Water Repellent, Fade Resistant and Stain Resistant fabric, Featured the water resistant coating on tablecloth surface, our reusable table covers can withstand water and tear resistant , protect your tables and furniture from scratches, stains and sun rays.
  • Multipurpose:Our fourth of july tablecloth is perfect for any kind of setup. Great for Indoor and Outdoor entertaining, Memorial Day, Fathers Day and July 4th, Parties, Picnics, Dining, Restaurants and Cafeterias.Available in a full range of tablecloth sizes for you to choose
  • Easy care:Hand wash in cold water (suggest), or gentle machine wash. Iron at low temperatures on the back (if needed). Don't soak for a long time and no bleach. Tumble dry with low heat. Water and wine can be quickly wiped clean with a dry rag or paper napkin
  • ADDS A FESTIVE FINISHING TOUCH - Let your dinnerware stand out with our color-fast, wrinkle-resistant tablecloths that are sure to make a statement
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: 100% cotton; Machine washable, gentle cycle; Tumble dry low, low iron if needed
  • FOR MORE DÉCOR: DII offers delightful home products including themed cloth napkins, napkin rings, placemats, and table runners; Click the DII link at the top of the page to explore our collections or search "DII Table Tops"
  • Disposable works! When the party is over , cleanup is easy - just roll up the disposable plastic table cloths for parties and dispose of it_
  • USA AMERICAN FLAG THEMED : Covers any table with minimal transparency. Great plastic tablecloth for parties , 4th of July , memorial day , camping trips , picnic , birthday parties , bbq , and any other red white and blue star flag themed event.
  • INCLUDES: 12 heavy duty disposable plastic table cloth - patriotic decorations design - that will cover your table for protection. Pair it with your fourth of july decorations or hang them up as memorial day decorations
  • Wide applications: this eye-catching table decoration is suitable for many festivals and celebrations, like carnival decorations, outdoor barbecues, summer picnics, Fourth of July parties, holiday decorations and more, nice for kick-off and victory parties
  • Material and classical pattern: the red white and blue table cover is made of plastic material with waterproof, spill-proof, and stain-resistant fabric, effectively protecting your table from stains and scratches, soft and smooth texture will bring you a comfortable hand feeling
  • Convenient to decorate: the patriotic table plastic tablecloth is printed with the classic red, white, and blue colors with stars and stripes patterns will be more attractive, disposable and easy to use, suitable for picnic party decor and Fourth of July themed decor
  • Creates - A wonderful and luxurious setting for your family and friends to enjoy together.
  • Made from - High quality 100% polyester woven silky satin fabric with hand-sewn finished edges
  • 60 Inches wide x 84 Inches long - Highly unique. Versatile. Fun.
  • Product Specification: Your package will include 1 American star style tablecloth of 60 x 84 inch. Please measure your table size before you buying.
  • Premium Quality Tablecloth: Patriotic tablecloths are made of high quality durable polyester fabric and the versatile table cover protector for your table.
  • Decorative Table Covers: These 4th of July tablecloths are Scattered American red white and blue tablecloths create a festive atmosphere, neat and generous design makes it suitable for any outdoor and indoor dining occasion either for decorative or functional use(cafes, dinners, brunches, parties and more)
  • USA AMERICAN FLAG THEMED : Covers any table with minimal transparency. Great plastic tablecloth for parties , 4th of July , memorial day , camping trips , picnic , birthday parties , bbq , and any other red white and blue star flag themed event.
  • SELECTION: Our heavy duty plastic table covers are available in rectangle and round. cover your tables with our disposable Design or solid table coverings made heavy plastic and sure to hold up well. You can also match them with our full line of plastic table skirts , forks , knives , spoons , plates, cups and more!!!
  • Disposable works! When the party is over , cleanup is easy - just roll up the disposable plastic table cloths for parties and dispose of it_
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